3 Bathroom Renovation Options People Usually Forget Considering

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What’s the first thing you consider when planning for bathroom renovation? Usually, people think about vanities, shower screens, tiles, bathtubs, and similar items. However, those aren’t the only things you need in there. There are some fewer spectacular features your bathroom should have but people often overlook. Here’s a quick list of those features.

  1. Storage: A pedestal vanity looks beautiful but there’s a problem. It doesn’t offer any storage. So, you might be hunting for products you need for makeup, beauty, bath, cleaning, and towels. Instead, getting mirrored units, shelving, and cabinet-style vanities add the desired storage.
  2. Slip-proof Flooring: Slipping in a bathroom can be more dangerous than any other area of the house. Not to mention the water that further adds the slip to the floor. So, rather than investing in a shiny tile that looks gorgeous, get a non-slip one to avoid the hazards.
  3. The Next Owner: You can skip this point if you plan to never sell your house. Chances are the buyer of the house might not like the style or colour of the bathroom interiors that you love. So, if you are planning to sell the property in the near future, get a timeless elegance for the room. You can still add your favourite colours through towels, accessories, and other add-ons that can be easily replaced.

And that’s not the end of the list. You won’t believe but many people fail to consider ventilation as well. So, next time you plan a renovation, keep these points in mind and get suggestions from professionals dealing with bathrooms in Coffs Harbour.