Achieve Maximum Conversion Through Messenger Bot and Unique Shopping Experience

The Botanic Garden is excited to introduce our newest product Facebook Chatbot. Our Messenger Bot will help you in four ways.

o First, it will help you drive sales. Get started instantly for absolutely no cost. Second, the bot can help you with your customer service needs by answering customer questions and sending back messages to your customers, often in just minutes. Third, the bot can: send automatic emails, track and forward orders, manage your sephora and contacts, send follow-up messages to your customers and integrate with your web store.

o Enrich your conversations with customers. In addition to filling in those "to do" items on your calendar, our bot comes ready to go. It's used as a conversationalist in the conversation, helping customers with any questions they might have and encouraging them to leave feedback. It can even answer customer email and return calls, streamlining the ordering process and providing an invaluable service to your customers. In addition, our software automatically forwards messages to your customers, which eliminates the need for ever having to type a message in.

o Save time. Automating the order/replacement process saves you precious time you might otherwise spend doing repetitive tasks, like typing letters or calling retailers and suppliers. Even if you're not in your home, you can easily automate Facebook Chatbot processes, including monitoring your conversations, forwarding messages, scheduling conversations, tracking orders, integrating your Messenger Bot with your web store, etc. Automating the ordering process and providing valuable customer service creates more revenue for you and makes your product/service more accessible to your customers.

o Increase sales. Customers love apps and chat bots make installing them easy. With just a few simple steps, customers can install and activate their new bot. This allows customers to use the newly installed app whenever they want. Creating a continual flow of new traffic to your business and more likely than ever before, more sales.

o Create customer loyalty. We've found that, for each of our three clients who we currently serve, once the customer owns their first bot and uses it on a regular basis, they tend to become more loyal to our company over time. The most important thing for us as marketing and technical teams is to make sure our in-store chatbot is easy to use, provides relevant information and keeps our customers signing up and buying.

Sephra is committed to making our customer service easy, fast, and efficient. Our team works with our bot integrators to provide you with the best solutions for your business needs. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, our experts are ready and willing to address them with you. To help you get started with our chatbot system, contact Sephra today.

For our customers, Sephra bot solutions mean more than just instant, personalized recommendations. Our experts make sure that customers have the best shopping experience possible. Our tech support team is always ready to give you answers. Stop wasting time start getting better results with Sephra!