Applications And Installation Process Of U-Bolt Fasteners

U-bolts have a wide range of uses, but they are mostly used for piping solutions. It can be used as a pipe or tube restraint to prevent the piping from banging or moving into structures and damaging them. When pipes are restrained by pinning or holding down, they can be damaged where pressure is most focused.

One of the major uses of U-bolts is for hanging tubes. Inappropriate setting up of your pipes can lead to falling objects and corrosion due to gravity. You can install a U-bolt to a ceiling, beam, or an overhead structure to secure elevated pipes and limit vibrations.

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These can either be functional or ineffective, depending on their installation. Here’s how to install these tools properly;

  • Detach the nuts from both ends of the U-bolt
  • Position the U-bolt around the tube you are fixing and thread its ends through the openings in your support structure or beam
  • Screw the nuts on both outer ends of the U-bolt
  • Use your hands to tighten the nuts that are nearer the support beam
  • Fasten the outer nuts on both ends of the U-bolt
  • Tighten all nuts using a wrench or a power tool

Applications Of U-Bolt Fasteners

  • used in framing system
  • Petroleum & Chemical Industry
  • Automobiles/Vehicles
  • Power Transmission