Get Shock Wave Therapy For Heel Pain In Edmonton

Shockwave therapy for heel pain treatment is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure used to control the pain you feel with every step you take.

Shock wave therapy involves testing the heel on a machine that expels high-energy sound waves at the heel through the skin. These 'sound waves' penetrate the soft tissue structures and bone of the heel and break down some of the scar tissue causing the discomfort. 

Special products in your body that heal tissue are attracted to the shock waves, and a healing response occurs over time! To get effective shockwave therapy in Edmonton seek help by browsing online.

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A study was carried out by a recognized specialist, specialized in this technique with patients 9 years after having had the procedure. 88% of patients were extremely satisfied after the procedure, 84% of patients had improvement in heel pain, and ALL patients were back to regular activities in less than 4 weeks!

Heel pain is a common complaint in patients seen in major health centers in the working population! Many patients, young and old, are competitive and/or amateur golf and tennis players. These individuals typically complain of heel pain that is most intense with the first few steps taken during competition that 'relieves' as the game progresses. Sometimes severe pain is felt in the arches and even in the back of the heel.

Eventually, the pain gets bad enough that you feel it with every step trying to return a serve, or with every long drive down the fairway. When arch supports, custom orthotics, and cortisone injections fail, that's when shock wave therapy is introduced!