How Gaming Technology Will Change Manufacturing?

The world of gaming has been transformed by games that monitor the body movements of players and translate them into a virtual world. Through gesture and voice recognition gaming consoles, such as Kinect on the Xbox Kinect allow players to shoot a ball, kick an arrow and engage in the game by moving their bodies and no controller is required.

The revolution is on the way. Soon, factories could be seeing speech and gesture recognition systems, in conjunction with biometrics that enables workers to manage factory processes using natural movements of the body and voice commands. You can also know more about gaming advancements through the internet.

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Nowadays, many automated factories are based on Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) that allow employees to log in by clicking an icon, and then entering their username and password. In the future, that worker would simply walk onto the workstation that would scan their retina to automatically sign into the system. 

With a single gesture, the worker could tell the computer to begin operations, and then by making the "stop" movement, the computer would stop operations. The computer may be programmed in order to require confirmation of these gestures with a simple "yes" by the user.

How does this technology function? The color camera operates by using a depth sensor, which gives a 3D view, and microphones that separate the voices of each player. Advanced software analyzes the arrangement of the room and the player's movement, and monitors the movements of the player and reacts to them.