How Online Learning Helps in Developing an Online Course in Brisbane?

Nowadays, when the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the education system badly all across the world, online learning emerges as a great way to deliver quality education to students without posing risk to their health. 

According to experts, developing an online course is primarily about closing a gap. For example, this gap refers to the difference between your learner's existing knowledge and skill and what they want to learn to improve their performance and which makes it effective, thoughtful & enjoyable eLearning.

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There are primarily two approaches to online course development – rapid and systematic. The rapid approach is meant for smaller courses, for cases when time is less, for small audiences, etc. 

On the other end, the systematic approach is good for big-size courses, when preparing a full-fledged curriculum and when you are targeting large and diverse audiences.


For each screen, a storyboard displays the text, an explanation of the graphic, the audio script, and the video script. Storyboards should also encompass a visual and text definition of the interactions or games that will happen on each screen and the splitting that takes place as an outcome of a user action.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) primarily involves the testing of an online course. Also, if the objective of the course is to fill knowledge and information gaps, the course must work so well, the user interface, steering, and instructions are very much transparent to the learning process. This step-wise process ensures that all the learning objectives are met most effectively for today's learners.