Is Pet Insurance Worth The Cost?

Pet insurance is one of those things you hope you will never need. If you do elect to buy pet insurance you need to start early as most policies will not cover older pets.

Vet bills can be very large; it is worth looking into the cost of some treatments in your area to find out how you could benefit from insurance. You can also pop over to this website if you are looking for a pet charity foundation in San Diego.

The rates vets charge for the same procedure vary from place to place so you will have to do some research.

As well as covering immediate care, pet insurance can cover cages for recovery time, funeral or cremation costs, gifts for lost or stolen pets, and liability insurance if your pet is involved in an accident. and even cover the costs of finding your pet when you go to the hospital.

Check the cover provided as most policies cover basics such as standard treatment for illness or accident, medicines, X-rays and anesthetics.

However, policies will not cover routine treatments such as flea control, neutering, worming or vaccinations. Pre-existing conditions will be excluded.

Some policies impose restrictions for example once a condition has been treated it will be excluded from further treatment, some only allow a set number of claims in a given period or state a financial limit to treatment. Look very carefully at what you get for your money. Obviously a policy charging £4 per month will vary greatly from one costing £60 per month.