Substitution Review Of Blood Plasma With Soy Protein Concentrate In Piglet Diet

The study examined the effects of substituting partial and complete spray-dried plasma (BP), with soy protein concentrates (SPC), on the performance, intestinal histomorphometry and other blood parameters of post-weaning piglets. You can also browse feedworks for more information about the review of the blood plasma use in piglet diets.

blood plasma use in piglet diets

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The stress caused by the changes in diet and environment, as well as the immaturity and fragility of the digestive system and immune system, early weaning is crucial for piglets. This causes decreased feed intake and weight gain, which results in lower post-weaning performance. This process is also associated with changes in intestinal mucus and predispositions to diseases.

Spray-dried plasma (BP), is plasma that has been "spray dried", is widely used in post-weaning diets. It has shown efficiency in improving the performance of piglets during this time. Spray-dried plasma can be used as a pleasant tasting supplement and an alternative to increasing the absorption of nutrients. 

It is a good choice for piglets because it increases the feed intake and weight gain compared to other protein sources, regardless of whether they are animal or vegetable.

The initial increase in feed intake, and consequently the improvement in weight gain after weaning, is due to the palatability in blood plasma. Other mechanisms have also been suggested to improve the performance of piglets. 

Blood plasma is responsible for maintaining intestinal integrity and reducing inflammation in the intestine. This helps the piglets overcome sanitation challenges.