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Give Out Crystal Awards At The Office

There are many reasons to give the executive office gifts, but many business owners and managers do not know exactly what they should be looking for. If you need help choosing the type of crystal glass awards to use for your business, here are three popular options.

Give Out Crystal Awards At The Office

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Selection can be great and exaggerated so start planning early and do not be afraid to ask your crystal awards company for guidance if you are unsure how to choose one.

Upright Glass Crystal Awards

Popular office executive gifts including a free-standing plaque made of glass. The most popular shape is a rectangle or a circle, but it is possible to find a unique shape that includes fire, diamond, obelisks, and curved crescents.

Because the plaque has a large surface area, you often can carve them with a long message, which means that they are ideal for great achievements, promotion, and retirement celebration.

Crystal paperweight Choice

Another type of award is a three-dimensional paper, rather than up and down the award. These come in various shapes and sizes. With so many unique shapes, chances are that you can find the perfect personal awards for the company or industry.

Functional Glass Crystal Awards

If you're looking for an award that is functional as well as beautiful, choose the one that doubles as a vase, bowl, or even hours. It can be engraved with names, company logo, date, and more to commemorate the event.

Another type From Gift Executive Office

If you're looking for something other than crystal awards, there are many other options for businesses. You can find a set of pens, a framed certificate, collar frames, clocks, watches, and even stemware.