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Top Areas of Your Home Prone to Asbestos Infection

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Any construction material that uses asbestos has been banned for years. But still, your home might contain those having these tiny fibers under the hood. It can be there in the flooring or insulation materials around. So, if you are wondering where these fibers can be hiding, these are the top spots known to contain asbestos.

  • Piping Insulation: Asbestos coating was common for steam and hot water pipes. So, if your building is using a piping system, built around 4 decades ago, it is likely to have an asbestos infection.
  • Paint: People don’t usually repaint their homes unless they need a makeover or the paint gets damaged. And older, textured paints contained asbestos. The fire-resistant properties made it a popular element of popcorn ceilings.
  • Ceiling and Wall Insulation: Batt insulation, blown-in, loose-fill, blue asbestos, and vermiculite are the types of insulations used in walls and ceilings that contained asbestos.
  • Furnaces: Resistance to high temperatures and ease of use made asbestos a common component of furnaces. Burners and boilers used asbestos as an insulator. Other areas where you can find these fibers include fireboxes, furnace cement, stoves, and ducts.
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles: Being a cheaper variant, vinyl flooring garnered popularity. And asbestos was a part of these tiles as it made them stronger and added heat resistance.
  • Air Duct Coverings: If air ducts at your home use some cardboard-like material for insulation, it is likely to contain asbestos. Previously, thick duct tapes (grey or white) containing asbestos were used in air ducts.

Worried if your house has asbestos? You can hire professionals for asbestos removal in Newcastle to get a proper inspection done.