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Are You a Student Interested in Joining the Military and Don’t Know Where to Take the ASVAB Test?

If you are planning to join the military, one of the most important tests you should take before enlisting in the Armed Forces Talent Test or ASVAB. 

This test measures the candidate's weaknesses and strengths and is usually a good indicator of which military career path matches your skills and interests so you can enjoy your career. Andy’s ASVAB Class is a helpful guide for students on where to take the ASVAB test so you can get started.

Typically, many students who are simply exploring their options and potentially considering a military career want to learn more about placement tests before taking them. But most don't know where to get ASVAB and don't know how to get started.

Armed forces recruiters will usually visit your school during meetings and give lectures about joining the military and the benefits of serving in the armed forces. In the school information office, you will also find many brochures and booklets that you can take home and discuss with your parents. 

Usually, these recruiters are members of the military whose main role is finding and recruiting military and working from armed recruitment stations in your city.

If you are interested in exploring your military skills, you will need to schedule a meeting with the recruiter so that you can discuss your options and he can determine if you are eligible to join the army. (That you are physically fit, emotionally ready, etc.)