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Impact Of Bypass Fat Feeding On Dairy Animals

The diet of the top producing crossbred cows is generally deficient in energy throughout the transition period (3 months before and after parturition) and early lactation. 

The animals aren't able to consume more during the advanced stage of pregnancy; hence we will need to raise the energy density of the ration with nominal modifications in dietary forage to concentrate ratio and fiber consumption.

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best bypass fat for dairy cows

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It boosts the energy balance that contributes to a rise in reproductive performance as well as the metabolic health of the cow. 

The supplementation of these raw vegetable oils is harmful to the health of cows after a particular limitation as it impacts the digestion of enzymes adversely from the rumen.

Thus, we must supplement fats in this manner that it does not interfere with its digestion in the rumen. Rumen bypass fats are in reality, the sterile fats that are processed to be readily managed and blended into all animal feeds.

Bypass fat is usually utilized to improve the energy density at the ration of cattle. Bypass fat becomes digested later from the abomasum or real gut of ruminants as it's not influenced by the rumen microbes.

Therefore bypass fats are extremely beneficial in enhancing not just the body condition score of the poorer animals but also boost the growth of milk. Bypass fats comprise fatty acids associated with calcium ions rather than glycerol backbone.