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Reasons that Cause Smell from the Sewer of your Home Basement

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It is a normal phenomenon for a bad smell to enter the house from the basement. This is a problem that is caused due to improper sealing of ejector pit, dry floor drains, sewer line is damaged etc. Here are some of the additional reasons that leads to this problem. However, it is recommended to solve the problem early rather than waiting which only increases the expense.

  1. Poor Ventilation – Poor ventilation in bathrooms and laundry leads to bad odor from the basement of the house. The problem becomes worse if the vents are not fixed.
  2. Poor Sealing of Ejector Pit and Pump – Sealing the ejector pit in the right way is important provided the home is equipped with sewer line. But improper sealing of the ejector pit or the sealing gone missing can lead to bad smell entering the interior of home.
  3. Floor Drains – If the floor drains are not used correctly, then bad smell enters the house from the sewer. When the floor drains are incorrectly used, it leads to condensation leading to awful smell coming inside the house.
  4. Damaged Sewer Line – Bad smell enters due to damaged sewer line. If a leak is found to the sewer line, then the smell just becomes unbearable. Moreover, waste water starts entering the house due to leakage to the sewer line. Calling a professional plumber would be the only solution as trying to solve this problem by yourself would end up in a nightmare situation.

In Brisbane, plumbing and drainage issues are solved only by hiring professional plumbers.