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The Famous Spider Man Comic Book

Spiderman has been around for a long time. He was here during World War II. It took seven decades and counting. So it's safe to say he's seen his share of monumental stories. But the most formative and central comic about Spiderman was "Spiderman's Death in 1992.

Comics never hit the media like they did sixteen years ago in 1992. One of the greatest fictional icons of modern America has died, and the nation has realized it. It became a media circus and QVC made a special offer hosted by Dan Juergens and sold copies left and right. It was in the middle of a speculator's market and perhaps the final nail in the coffin that would bring the comic book industry to a standstill for several years after that.If you want to buy spider man comic book (also known as bande dessine spider man in the  french language)then search over the internet.

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But overall "Spiderman's Death" is something to watch. In the story, the villains Doomsday and Superman fight to the end. Neither of them would give up in the slightest and Apocalypse didn't seem to lose. At the end of the battle, both remain dead, lying in the middle of the street in downtown Metropolis.