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Use an Application to Generate Fake Phone Numbers

There are many situations where you may find that you need a fake phone number. However, fake or secondary phone numbers are a great way to stay safe in online meetings, protect your identity during protests, make money as a freelancer, and more.

Need a phone number generator? There are many applications utilized to generate fake phone numbers.

Here’s how to get a second phone number and how to pick the right number first.

Think about area code

If you use a fake phone number for anything, the area code is just as important. Do you use it for your part-time job? Show customers how professional you are with the desired area codes.

Most phone number generators allow you to first select an area code and then pull out a potentially available number. If you can’t choose an area code, look for another phone number generator.

How long do you need the number for?

If you’re using the number for a shorter time period to make a prank call or some other important (actually) call, a fake phone number generator will likely work. However, if you know you will continue to use the number for other purposes and projects, it is important to see if you can keep the number.