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Home & Business Fire Alarm Inspections

Inspections of fire alarms are mandatory for commercial structures such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail stores. Most of the time there is a local fire department that conducts fire safety inspections but in certain instances firms that deal with security or fire alarms are certified to conduct these inspections.

The most important components and areas inspectors examine are:

  • Smoke alarms and smoke detectors are in good working order
  • Doors and windows that are properly operating
  • Fire extinguishers that are in good functioning order
  • Properly protected switch and electrical box

Home Fire Inspections

Annual fire inspection for homes, while essential, frequently are not considered by the majority of homeowners. In fact, 75 percent of deaths resulting from fire-related accidents occur within homes. Because of this, there is a lot of anxiety about proper home fire safety, both among family members and local fire departments. 

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There are many ways to stop household fires through conducting your own Home fire check. The main points you'll need to take care of include checking the state of electric cords, smoke alarms vents, chimneys, and electrical cords. 

In addition, you'll want to determine how the appliances are used near outlets, as well as other possible risks that could trigger the fire. The local fire department ought to have guidelines that can help you identify danger zones throughout your home.

The Benefits of Fire Inspections

A lot of business owners consider inspections for fire safety and alarms to be burdensome and an inconvenience. But, they should be aware that nearly 80 percent of the small businesses that experience an extensive fire do not be able to reopen according to All Business. 

Insisting on fire safety inspections regularly can lead to greater confidence in employees and customers and lower insurance costs, reduced financial and physical risks as well as a higher resale value for the property.