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Designer Apron – The History of The Apron

How far can we find designer aprons? Let's see … Eva? They said, "What, where does the Bible say something about Eve wearing an apron?" Of course! She and Adam sewed fig leaves to cover each other. Now I don't think he should cover up his wife's party dress and nothing less.

Now we jump ahead of the worshipers. Do you remember all the photos of women descending from the mayflower wearing long white embroidered stylist aprons to cover their coarse wool skirts? It was probably the only skirt she had, so washing her apron was much more comfortable. 

Designer Apron - The History of The Apron

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Who is next? What about the female pioneers who opened up to the West? Now, this apron serves many purposes. They are used as a saucepan and dry children's tears. They are used to carrying fussy eggs or chickens.

They're a great place for shy kids and especially convenient for wiping sweaty brows after leaning against a wood stove.

Let's go to our grandmother now. She used her apron to wave to the men from the dining room. He wiped the edges of the can with it before putting down the lid. Instead of being white like a worship apron, their designer aprons usually have a white stamp or even a blank cloth for a food bag.

There was a mother named Susanna Wesley, a mother of 19, who threw an apron over her head to signal to the children that she was spending a lot of time and shouldn't be disturbed unless it was urgent.

After several generations of use, the feminist movement has helped remove aprons from kitchens and the people who serve there.