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Choosing A Hydroponics Growing Medium

One of the first choices you'll need to make when deciding to grow plants hydroponically is to choose a growing medium for your plants.

To make a well-informed option, you'll have to look at how well each hydroponic growing medium retains nutrients and water. To know about hydroponic growing medium you can visit https://hydroshop.co.za/3-craft-soil-and-mediums

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You do not need to be restricted to one hydroponic growing medium — many growers use a mix of different media.

The usual blends you'll probably encounter are the half coconut fiber, half expanded clay pellets mix, in addition to the half vermiculite, half perlite blend.

Mixing your growing media lets you reach a lower level of water preservation than vermiculite or coconut texture fiber would provide you, lowering the probability of your plants drowning in their growing medium.

Expanded clay pellets are small lumps of clay which were superheated in a kiln until they pop and enlarge much like popcorn.

They're completely inert in both pH and nutrition, and typically don't retain water nicely.

They're environmentally friendly as they can be reused after you're finished growing with them only by dousing them in a bleach solvent and rinsing them.

Coconut fiber is fast becoming the most common hydroponic growing medium globally.

It's a wholly organic-friendly growing medium and fits in well with the green worldview that lots of hydroponic gardeners have.

It's finely ground coconut husks, which are produced in great quantities a byproduct of industrial food processing. It's very environmentally friendly, as this coconut fiber that would otherwise be destined for landfills is being used to grow healthy vegetables for you and your loved ones.