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Podcasting – How to Podcast for Greater Subscriber Responsiveness

Once you have saved your podcast, it will need to be converted to MP3 if it is not already there. You then upload it to your web server where you can access it from your website. You then need to let people know it exists, and you can do that via RSS syndication or directly on your list.

You can add a podcast feed chiclet to your website, and many people use their blogging software to create podcast news feeds. In addition, your podcast can be submitted to podcast directories just as your articles are in article directories. You can also contact the best podcast video production in Racine from online sources.

You can have links to download podcasts on your own website. Include a description of each podcast with a linked download link. You can also provide a download link in your email or in your newsletter.

Try making a video podcast using Windows Movie Maker, which should be available for free with XP, and putting some promotional music videos in it to make it look professional. The possibilities for broadcasting podcasts to subscribers for better response are truly endless.

The bottom line is that podcasting can be another great way to increase your and your website's online exposure and build an online list. It might be easier to get started than you think, but you have to start somewhere. Start with one this week. You will be surprised by the results.