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Know About Logbook Servicing

There is a huge difference between general car servicing and logbook servicing and the new car owners often fail to differentiate between the two. The reason is that the inclusions are somewhat different, but most of the time, they are common and that may lead to confusion.

Therefore, we have come up with a post that will give a detailed description of the log book service in castle hill, sydney. But first, we will go through what is logbook servicing.

What is logbook servicing?

According to experts from the automotive industry, this kind of service is generally carried out as per the vehicle manufacturing company's specifications.

These specifications are mentioned in the logbook and thus, this service is given this name.

In these specifications, you will find the details regarding the oil to be used as well as the procedures to be used for different parts and components of the vehicle.

These steps are taken to make sure that the warranty/guarantee of the vehicle stays intact and at the same time, the vehicle stays in the perfect running condition.

Another reason behind people opting for this service is that it makes sure that the continued validity of the warranty.

However, to get it successfully, you will have to bring in all the documents associated with your vehicle at the service center.

According to the experts, you will also have to get your logbook stamped and testified, and once done, you will get the report of the assessment done by the staff.

There would also be the mention of the actions taken, if any repairs or replacement parts were required and what parts were replaced, and why.