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Kitchen and Bathroom Natural Stone Countertops in Austin

Marble and other types of stone can be a fantastic upgrade to any home kitchen or bathroom. There are many types of stone from which to choose and oftentimes it can be a confusing selection process to undertake depending upon the natural stone countertops In Austin, Tx that is selected by the homeowner.

Much like other trade industries, builders and remodeling companies have specific certifications that are available to them promoting the high ethics and quality which are adhered to with every customer and product.

 marble kitchen countertops


When a homeowner begins searching for information regarding using natural stone materials in kitchen and bathroom remodels or even fireplace and office upgrades, it is important to see that the company being consulted is a Marble Institute of America accredited builder.

The MIA began as an association for marble builders and grew to include other types of stone materials, such as soapstone, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, and more. Members of the Marble Institute of America adhere to a strict code of ethics to ensure the quality and high standards that a home will reflect when finished.

As a member of the Marble Institute of America, one can be sure that the builder which is chosen is focused on the importance of the use of natural dimension stone.

MIA member has goals to promote the safety of natural stone craftsmanship and to ensure that the consumer is being provided with the best work and quality possible. The MIA reward stone builders with awards of excellence in their field and even help provide scholarships to stone builders to help educate for the future.

It is not always enough to find a quote in one's budget range. Due to costly corrections, the final outcome can end up costing a lot more if the work is performed improperly or if the wrong stone is chosen for specific use in one's home.

An MIA accredited builder will help give the homeowner the assurance that the proper choice of stone used is best suited for each purpose of your home and informed of the proper care and maintenance for the type chosen. It is always important to search out the best materials for investing in a home remodel so settling for a non-accredited stone builder leaves the option open for further headaches and trials.