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Different Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones, the chemical messengers, are responsible for our weight, mood, appearance, energy, anxiety levels, and even fertility. Even a slight imbalance in our hormones can wreck our well being and hence, it is important that they remain balanced.

Like other health problems, hormone imbalance can be treated with healthy eating and living. We have mentioned a few ways that help you balance your hormones, naturally. Though in our body, hormones are tiny little things, but imbalanced hormones can cause havoc in our body. You can also refer to  thehealth-space.com/womens-hormone-balancing-diet to hire a nutritionist for hormone balance.

Here are some common causes of hormone imbalance:

Lack of good nutrition

Foods enriched with essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are required by our body. Any imbalance in our diet can cause hormonal imbalance. 

Adrenal exhaustion, stress, and anxiety

Our adrenal glands, which help in producing stress-fighting hormones, get impacted when our mind and body are under constant stress. These glands get exhausted and become unable to perform their part efficiently.

Drugs, stimulants, and chemicals

Certain medications and stimulants such as caffeine, toxins, and hormones from pesticides in our food, air, and water can affect our estrogen level. They may also interfere with our natural hormone balance.

These are some of the major causes of hormonal imbalance in our bodies.