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Untold Benefits of Orgone Pyramids

If you've just heard of orgone but aren't sure what it is, orgonite is an artificial crystal that is made by fusing the crystal with metal in resin. This results in the formation of orgone energy, which is sufficient to treat various diseases.

The use of the orgone pyramid

Once you have the orgone pyramid, here are the steps you need to take to make the most of it:

 Step 1: Let the pyramid soak up sunlight for about half an hour by placing it under the sun. This will remove the pyramid. You can also buy orgonite pyramid gem devices online.

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Step 2: Now hold the pyramid close to your heart and connect it to the crystal focusing on it completely. Use visualization to see the connection between the pyramid and your heart.

 Step 3: When you feel connected, remember what you meant. The pyramid will help you to achieve this in the best possible way.

The advantages of the orgone pyramid

  • EMF radiometer: Electrical grids, downward satellite radiation, cell towers, and other sources of EMF are harmful to the body. The orgone pyramid successfully neutralizes this radiation and protects you from its harmful effects.
  • Removing Negative Energy: The accumulation of negative energy in the body manifests as illness and disease. The orgone pyramid converts these negative energies into positive ones and thus ensures health and vitality.
  • Cleaning the environment: The pyramid cleans your surroundings by instilling positivity and thereby relieving you of stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Detoxifies water: The combination of pyramid and orgone energy helps detoxify water. This not only makes it suitable for drinking, but also great for plant growth.