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Maintaining Your Password Safely

Many of us use our email accounts to send sensitive messages between different people. It is important that we ensure we keep our passwords to secure if possible we change constantly to make sure the people who managed to penetrate the password to your account can not judge because you will have placed another password.

When using Yahoo, either to change the password constantly because this password used to access Yahoo messenger he used the same password to access all the applications offered by Yahoo. You can use total online protection tools to keep your password safe.

Changing your password in Yahoo messenger is not a daunting task you can get access to your account eg Yahoo messenger or Yahoo email. On the page that displays this information, you can type your Yahoo ID and password where you will be directed to your account.


You can then click a user name, and you'll see a menu that will appear giving you the different options. You can click the "Account Info" where the dialog box will pop up asking you to enter your password again after that you will be led to your account info page. You can then click "change your password".

When you do that you will be asked to come up with a new password so that you will enter the old password that you want to change and then type the new password is required three times. Make sure you confirm that you do not mistype the new password.

You will then click on the Save button so that you can save a new password. But in case you misspell a password for example when you have to type the new password twice and the two do not match then you will get a message indicating that you have to recharge the password again so they match then you save.