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How Can Beginners Start Jumping Rope?

There’s a lot to love about jumping rope—and many benefits of jumping rope that’ll make you want to add it to your routine. This old-school workout tool delivers a cheap, portable form of cardio and total-body strengthening. And it may help you get in an intense, sweaty workout without having to leave your home, which makes it a great choice during these pandemic times.

Beyond that, jumping rope can provide a host of serious athletic benefits, from coordination to explosive power to agility. You can easily buy the adults best beaded jump ropes for beginners online.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that jumping rope seems to be rising in popularity. Jumping rope is a form of exercise that involves swinging a rope around your body and jumping over it as it passes under your feet. It’s a form of cardiovascular training since the constant movement elevates your heart rate. Some people, jump rope at a fast pace as a way to train for speed and agility, while others focus on jump rope moves like the double-under (jumping up and swinging the rope under your feet twice before you land again) to develop explosive power.

Still others use the jump rope as a creative outlet by experimenting with more unique, dancelike movements. Jumping rope can be a great workout on its own, you can also use it as a warm-up or cooldown before weight training, or intersperse it with bodyweight exercises in an interval-style workout.