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Compression Stockings – How Do They Work?

Compression stockings can be called the savior of your legs. But how do these socks work? Why do your feet feel so good? How are they different from regular knit or support socks? This type of socks is increasingly being used for pure pain relief and sore feet. They are used to relieve these symptoms with daily activities. Let's take a look at how compression stockings work and why they are so helpful. You can buy high-quality compression socks in North York and Downtown Toronto.

Let's start by understanding human anatomy and gravity. To be more specific, let's understand the anatomy of the veins in our legs and how they work. The leg veins consist of two separate systems; the deep venous system and the superficial venous system. They are responsible for returning blood to the heart along with waste products.

When blood returns to the leg veins or stops flowing due to inactivity, waste products and excess fluid from the tissues stay in the legs instead of being carried away. This is the cause of tired, sore, and swollen feet after a long period of inactivity, eg. B. after a long period of sitting or standing in one position.

Compression stockings act as artificial muscle, regardless of activity or inactivity. Compression stockings create compression of the leg muscles to force blood flow against gravity. This is achieved through graded pressure levels built into all compression stockings.