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How to choose the best type of illumination for your space

LED lighting is quickly becoming the most popular type of illumination in the home. Here’s a look at the main types of LED lighting and what they offer your space.

Red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs produce different colors based on an electric current flowing through each color channel. This makes RGB LEDs an ideal choice for advertising or displaying graphics on products. They can also be used in typical light fixtures as long as each light is controlled separately. Some common uses for RGB LED  lights include:

-As general illumination in a room

-For displays or signage

-For accenting objects or areas in a room

White LEDs are cooler than other colors, making them better candidates for areas with high ambient light levels like hallways and entryways. They can also be used to create a more subdued light when needed, such as when reading in a dimly lit room. Uses for white LED lights include:

-Creating ambient light in a space

-Enhancing the appearance of wood finishes

-Creating an elegant glow in a bedroom

LEDs are more versatile because they can produce any color you want. All you need is a single LED chip and some basic electronics skills to control it. This makes them perfect for applications like gaming consoles and computer monitors where you want uniform illumination across the entire screen.