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Effective Rodent Control Methods

If you have trouble fighting the rodent, the sooner you can deal with the infection, the better. Depending on the rodent and the severity of the infection, here are few methods for effective professional rodent control services in San Francisco and cleaning of unwanted pests at this time.

Pest control professionals have the methods, products, and training for approaching and handling rodents large and small. Pest control companies offer chemical-free organic solutions whenever possible, as well as humane rodent control options. For more information on some of the available and professional methods of fighting rodents, please read below.

Effective Rodent Control Methods

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1. Prevention

Many rodent control companies post directly on their websites about how to avoid rodent infection first. Remember, rats and mice can fit into very small holes. Therefore, filling the holes with steel wool or a sealant is an excellent preventive method.

2. Rodent traps

A variety of rodent traps are available on the market, the most common being bait traps. Electronic traps can effectively catch and kill mice and rats. Either method can be a good place to start if you think you've only been getting rats or rats.

3. Rodenticides

Rodenticides are poisonous and very effective in controlling rodents. They contain whole grains, seeds, and oats to please rodents and are odorless and tasteless. Poisons are an economical option for minor infections and are readily available.

4. Ultrasonic trap

The greatest benefit to many is that ultrasound offers a chemical-free and humane option for removing pests that are completely safe for humans too.