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Storing Gold Coins Safely

Storage is a major problem for anyone who has a large collection of gold bullion coins. How can you store your treasure? My answer is simple: In the bank.

There are a number of gold and silver storage services in Switzerland that offer professional vault storage services. They offer the highest level of security and a chance for you to have peace of mind. 

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We know many bullion coin buyers who purchase precious metals in part to avoid the bank system but I believe bank storage is unsurpassed for safety, security, and peace of mind.

Let's take a look at your options. If you decide to store at home, where? Many people suggest hiding coins around the house. You can hide coins in tins, behind walls, or even behind drywall. This would protect a casual thief, it is true. What if a burglar got into your home while you were away on vacation?

The bank is the best place to keep your collection of gold bullion coins. All major banks offer a safety deposit box, or box storage, at a very low cost.

This is the most important part: Keep in touch with your bank. You must pay the annual rent on time. Banks are known to sell the contents of boxes that have been unpaid or lost contact with their owners. This would be the most absurd way to lose what you worked so hard for!