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All About Kitchen Sink Mounting Styles

Kitchen sink installation style choices haven't changed much over time, but most people don't usually bother with that, so most people don't know what options are available today.

A built-in kitchen sink, also known as an undermount sink, is so named because it sits beneath the surface of the kitchen counter. You can also look for the top mount kitchen washbasins through the web.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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The type of installation is also the reason for the biggest advantages and disadvantages of this type of installation.

The biggest advantage of undermount sinks is the easy cleaning of the kitchen. With the sink mounted under the counter, cleaning is as easy as simply wiping the counter on the sink, which is great for most families now that most families are always on the move.

The fact that its installation under the table also causes its main disadvantage, namely that it is more difficult to install and is suitable for various countertop materials.

Installing a sink under the plumbing isn't something you're used to doing "do it yourself" in the first place. The ideal material for making countertops to maximize the use of the kitchen sink for installation is the type of stone: granite, marble or engineered stone.

Under-mounted sinks start slightly higher than standalone sinks and are also more expensive to install, but are a bit more trouble-free compared to the more commonly used automatic sinks.

A self-closing sink or countertop sink, as the name suggests, sits on a workbench. This type of sink is the opposite of a bottom-mounted sink, coming back to its pros and cons.