Winter Pool Covers – Make An Informed Choice

One of the most crucial steps to properly maintaining a pool is closing it for winter. Spring opening will be easy if you do it correctly. If you do it wrong, you might be able to see the creature from the dark lagoon up close.

 The key to a successful closing of your pool is choosing the right winter cover. There are main types of pool covers available today. Each has its own strengths. You can easily find the custom pool covers via

custom pool covers

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There are main types of pool covers: 

Solid covers

The largest pool cover sold each year is the solid one. These covers are made of woven polyethylene. This is a flat piece of woven textile. The scrim is then coated with plastic to waterproof it. 

Mesh Covers

Mesh covers can be made exactly like solid covers, but they do not have a plastic coating. They are meant to allow water through.

Safety Covers

Safety covers are a relatively new addition to pool covers. Safety covers are known as safety covers, because they prevent accidental access to swimming pools.

Solid safety cover

It is exactly the same as mesh safety covers, except that the solid vinyl is used in place of the mesh fabric. The solid safety covers are made with a small mesh panel that allows for drainage and allow almost no air through.