Precision Engineering Tools – Micrometers and Dial Indicators

When it comes to engineering, accuracy is everything. There are of course different types of techniques, but they all stem from two main themes, measuring and cutting. Sometimes the distance measured is very far, for example when building bridges or other large structures. But even with large structures, very small measurements have to be taken and precise cuts are required.

Precision Engineering in Sydney need a variety of tools that, while simple, must be very accurate. Many of them can be part of their own language because the average person may not have heard of them, such as B. micrometers, calipers, and even dial gauges.

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There is an old adage that is more familiar to carpenters: "Measure twice, cut once." That said, if you take the time to measure accurately, you'll need to cut in the right places. And it's a lot easier to measure twice than to cut twice. Plus, it's often much cheaper to measure it only once.

Much of the engineering work is done on the drawing board. But you have many other tasks to do, such as Strength testing to ensure that the builder is following the plan and that the parts are assembled properly.

An example of how accurate some design tools are, and how few tools engineers use, is the micrometer. I'm pretty sure that as an engineer you have no idea what a micrometer is used for. It is a device that can measure very, very small distances, up to one-millionth of a millimeter. They are used to make things like precision cutting tools, medical equipment, and other fine items that need to be very precise.