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Apple iPhone Screen Repair Services In Dubai

Did you drop your iPhone? You are not the only one. Apple has made the unit more fragile than ever before with glass surfaces on both sides. This is a bit of job security in the Apple repairs department. This article will discuss some of the most common problems with replacing your device and why it might be a good idea to not do this yourself.

The iPhone 11 is more similar to the original iPhone than its predecessors. Screen removal involves removing several components that can cause the phone's weight to increase if they are damaged. You can go to Cel Metro in Dubai for any kind of iphone service at a good price. 


It is more complicated than just removing two screws and using the suction cup to fix the glass screen. This model has many components, including the microphone, battery, and camera. Before you can access the connection screws for the glass screen or LCD, the motherboard must be removed. 

After those have been removed, 10 screws must be removed (8 of which are washers), and then you can carefully remove the glass screen/LCD unit. Several users have reported that the cables connecting to the motherboard and glass screen were damaged during this procedure.

One positive aspect of the current design is that it makes it much easier for users to change their batteries. Only 3 screws and 1 back panel are required to replace the battery. Apple's latest attempt to protect the iPhone screen from harm is a failure.