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Should You Ceramic Coat a New Car?

Ceramic coatings are the number one paint protection product on the market. Professional nanoceramic coatings penetrate deep into the microscopic pores of the transparent coating and are physically bonded with the paint while forming a thin, hard and smooth layer over them.

SiO2 ceramic particles provide protection against ultraviolet rays, chemical erosion and scratching from bird droppings, beetle guts, tree sap, acid rain and more. You can also visit http://detailingdynamics.com/ceramic-coating-long-island-new-york/ to get ceramic coating on your vehicle.

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Ceramics have high surface tension and hydrophobic properties, repel water and ice and prevent dirt, dust, road salt and dirt from sticking to car paint. Thanks to the strong bond between the ceramic particles and the paint, this coating lasts 1 to 10 years.

Of course, before you go to a retail store, you need to be aware of some mistakes. The ceramic coating is not immune to everyday traffic. They cannot protect against sawdust, scratches, crevices and other mechanical erosion.

Traditional ceramic coatings are the most effective, but also the hardest to apply. It is not advisable to make ceramic coatings without help or experience, as improper installation will result in a terrible and expensive coating. Ceramic-coated sprays are as easy to use as paint coatings, making them a great product for pets.

Due to their SiO2 content, however, they offer increased protection against UV rays and chemical erosion. Ceramic sprays have better hydrophobic and non-stick properties and are more effective at repelling water, dirt, and contaminants than sealants and sprays.