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Basic Concept Of Smart Mirror

Today, every device feels its 'smart' version. There are smartwatches, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart speakers, and even smart lights. I have a look at an interesting smart device, the Smart Mirror.

The screen can show anything on the surface of the mirror as the current time, weather forecasts, news feeds, upcoming appointments, and more. For more information about smart mirror visit https://mangodisplay.com/smart-mirror/.

Smart Mirror

Image Source: Google

The main advantage of building a smart mirror is that modules and software that has been developed by someone else. There are hundreds of different modules that others have built that you can use for your intelligent mirror.

Like many smart devices, it is difficult to imagine that they can be useful unless you use one. The main advantage of smart mirrors is the ability to display useful information without having to open an application or do nothing.

There are a couple of ideas of different features you can include in your smart mirror:

  • Touch screen: add a touch to let your smart mirror is you interact with it

  • LED lighting: LED Strip simple around smart mirror lighting you can add some nice features for your room

  • Motion sensor: change your smart mirror automatically when you enter your room

  • Voice control: asking questions or giving orders mirror

  • Face recognition: mirror can detect who is in the room and adjust the content to match each person