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Laundry Basket – How To Choose The Best Model For A Family?

Washing machines are a great time for many of us. We have a very tight schedule which doesn't leave us any free time to wash. So we piled up our used clothes for the weekend. It was awful that our clothes were piled up on the bathroom floor. If you are wondering where to put your laundry, a 'non-polluting laundry basket' can be of great help.

When you go laundry basket shopping, you have several options. Here's a quick look at the types of baskets you'll come across:

  • Canvas,
  • Net
  • Nylon and so on

These types of laundry baskets are the oldest and best. They are the simplest and most effective. They are always in vogue, probably because of their high degree of usefulness. You can get laundry bags made of wicker in various shapes and sizes. Go for the one you like best. You can place it in every corner of your bathroom.

Before you decide on a wicker laundry basket, you should consider a few points. Read on to find out:


Look for one with a rigid frame. Made of the most reliable wood. If the frame is unstable, the basket will most likely fall to the floor and drop any fabric.

Choose waterproof:

We usually place the basket in a water hazard area. So make sure your basket is waterproof. Otherwise, it can trap mold and other types of bacteria. In this case, your shopping cart will not stop. You will need to cover it with vinyl or other means to protect it from direct exposure to moisture.