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3 Warning Signs That Tell Your Car Needs An Exhaust Repair

Performance Issue

If you have a problem with the exhaust system, it is sure to be reflected in the performance of the engine. Usually, it is due to an issue in the catalytic converter, which leads to a performance issue on startup. 

You will notice a decrease in the accelerating power and won’t be able to do it as quickly as before. The performance issue can also be due to an exhaust leak, and the more you delay it, the more the problem will worsen. Start with the car exhaust repair as soon as possible or you can even shop for the best exhaust system from goblackops.com.au.

Rattling Noise

Any kind of foreign noise coming from your vehicle is a sign of concern. We have already discussed rattling noise and how it could be associated with the exhaust system. But a rattling noise coming from the exhaust area is also indicative of a problem.

If you hear a constant rattling sound when the engine is running, it could be because of a faulty or loose catalytic converter. Catalytic converter falls in the expensive parts of the exhaust system, and it would be better to have the car exhaust repaired or replaced quickly.

Hissing/Popping Noise

While we are on the topic of noise, here’s another way to detect any fault in the exhaust. If you experience hissing or popping noise while the engine is running, it may be due to a restriction in the exhaust system and unusually high backpressure. 

This sign can be confirmed if you notice discoloration or burned paint next to the exhaust ports on the cylinder head or burned spark plug wires or boots. Keep your ears open to ensure you detect the problem early on and avoid hefty costs later!