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An Overview On Nestin Antibody

Nestin is a Class IV intermediate filament that is produced in the development of the central nervous system (CNS) as well as in early neural stem cells of embryonic development. 

Nestin has been extensively utilized as a primary marker for stem/progenitor cells, tumor cells, and glioma endothelial cells. Furthermore, Nestin is a superior angiogenic marker that can be used to determine endothelial neovascularity in tumors. You can know more about nestin antibodies via www.bosterbio.com/anti-nestin-picoband-trade-antibody-pb9874-boster.html.

Nestin Antibody (NBP2-58884): Novus Biologicals

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Particularly specific antibodies to human Nestin help in identifying progenitors that differentiate into different lines, and in increasing the therapeutic capacity of neural stem cells of the human body to treat CNS injuries or diseases as well as in the identification of neuroepithelial tumor cells. 

Nestin is a major intermediate filament protein (class Type VI) that is expressed throughout development as well as in neuromuscular and myotendinous junctions. Nestin expression is limited to a certain extent and typically disappears after E18. 

Nestin is believed to be a valid neuronal marker, however recent research has revealed nestin expression in different types of cells like endothelial cells. . Nestin recognizes the earliest neuroepithelium. 

It also distinguishes other embryonic tissues, meaning it's not only specific to CNS. The expression of Nestin is evident in nearly all GBMs (Glioblastoma multiforme) as well as in a number of melanomas (both primary and metastatic) however, it is not seen in any metastatic cancer.